Thursday, September 10, 2015


It's ‪#‎WorldSuicidePreventionDay‬... so I'm feeling much tonight thinking about all my friends who fell victim to suicide because of an eating disorder or otherwise...and I'm sitting in beyond-humble-awe that I was somehow able to choose not to end my life on June 13, 2002.

I'm also thinking about the upcoming Eating Disorders Coalition National Lobby Day and the MOM "Mothers & Others" March. I'm thinking about how many people are feeling like I was back in 2002 --desperately waiting for someone to help. 

Leslie George
Anna Westin
A big part of the reason I am alive (so very humbly alive) today is because the Eating Disorders Coalition, Kitty Westin, Sally Crist George, Ron and Leslie George (Tri Sigma's LESLIE GEORGE MEMORIAL FUND for Eating Disorder Awareness ). I am just one voice -but I have learned, very humbly, that my voice can make a difference. So I want to encourage you tonight: YOUR voice can make a difference --and YOUR voice IS necessary regardless of what you might think/not think of yourself in this very moment.

Back in 2002, I NEVER thought I mattered at all --I hated myself beyond words can express...I thought I could never recover, never be happy and that no one would ever care if I was alive or dead. If I can pull myself out of all that (and more) and find my voice/happiness, I encourage you: so, too, can you.

It is a truly humbling thing to go from hating oneself to knowing that I deserve to be alive. That is something I do not take for granted. So tonight I want to encourage you of just how important it is that you learn to know that you deserve to feel truly worthy of being alive, happy and in love with your wonderful body.

If you or someone you love has ever struggled with body image, disordered eating, eating disorders or things related to those issues, then I implore you to join me on October 27-28th to ‪#‎MarchAgainstED‬ and to advocate for the ‪#‎AnnaWestinAct‬.
To learn more about why this is so important, please visit:
 To register to March and Advocate, please visit:

 ~Kathleen MacDonald, Director of Social Media & Advocate Relation


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