Friday, September 18, 2015

Over 130 Orgs Support #AnnaWestinAct

Dear EDC Advocates,

We are so pleased to share with you that over 130 organizations signed onto a letter (see pix) addressed to Chairman +Congressman Fred Upton and Ranking Minority Member +Congressman Frank Pallone , urging them to include the #AnnaWestinAct in comprehensive mental health legislation.

We will continue to advocate for the #AnnaWestinAct as a 'stand-alone bill,' as both are necessary.

Thank you to each and everyone of the organizations who signed onto this letter.  

We will have more opportunities for both individuals and organizations to lend their support to the #AnnaWestinAct, so please stay tuned to our blog, FB and Twitter!

If you have any questions about the #AnnaWestinAct, we encourage you to join us for EDCNationalLobbyDay so you can learn more about the bill and our work. And, you are always welcome to email us your questions, any time.

~Our work continues, the +EDCoalition1 

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