Thursday, April 30, 2015

More Details on Anna's Law

The Anna Westin Act is in the final stages...YAY!!...and we're so close to being able to share the entirety of the bill with you, our amazing advocates. We can hardly wait!

For are a few facts about the bill thus far:

The Anna Westin Act's language was drafted and vetted (repeatedly) by numerous advocates and individuals, including: family members of those impacted by eating disorders, researchers, treatment providers of varying profession, non-profits, academics, attorneys, Members of Congress, recovered individuals and more!

The Anna Westin Act focuses on several things, including: training of health professionals on evidence-based findings, promising emerging best practices, and/or recommendations that pertain to the identification, early intervention, prevention of the development of eating disordered behaviors and the treatment of eating disorders. 

The Anna Westin Act addresses (but is not limited to) things such as training and courses based on: how to help prevent the development of eating disordered behaviors, identify, intervene early and appropriately and adequately treat eating disordered patients; how to identify individuals with eating disorders, those who are at risk for suffering eating disorders and therefore at risk for the serious medical and mental health complications associated with eating disorders; how to conduct a thorough and comprehensive assessment of the individual and familial health risk factors; and how to conduct a comprehensive assessment of a treatment plan.

The Anna Westin Act addresses so much more and we apologize for only giving snippets at a time but we want to make the bill as awesome as possible before we present it to you fully --your opinion matters so much to us!! ~ Plus, legislative counsel is busy figuring out which CFR and what sub-sections of already existing law will be amended with the Anna Westin's a tedious task but someone has to do it! ;-) As always we will share more just as soon as we can.

Writing the Anna Westin Act and getting the bill introduced (with bi-partisan support!) is an incredible honor and we are so grateful for your patience, support and tireless advocacy with us.
Please join us at May13th's ‪#‎EDNationalLobbyDay‬ and show your support for Kitty Westin and her family as together we introduce ‪#‎AnnasLaw‬. ‪#‎TheTimeIsNow‬  
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Julie Kaye said...

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