Tuesday, March 16, 2010

April Lobby Day Wish List!

Dear Advocates and Supporters of the Eating Disorders Coalition,

Lobby Day is fast approaching and we're looking to host one of our most successful ones yet! To do so, we need both your voice and your presence on the Hill!

As in Lobby Days past, we'll be meeting with Members of Congress and their staffers to talk with them about the FREED Act (HR 1193), the Federal Response to Eliminate Eating Disorders Act. Currently we have bi-partisan support, with the co-sponsorship of 27 Members! This Lobby Day we're hoping to impact the number of cosponsors dramatically, in particular, we're hoping to gain co-sponsorship from Members from certain states. Thus, we created the "EDC Wishlist" --a list of key states from which we are hoping to recruit advocates for April 26-27th! Please take a moment to review our "Wishlist" to see if your state is among those we are targeting!
Here's the link:

And of course, we would love to have advocates from EVERY state, so even if your state is not on the Wishlist, please remember to sign up ASAP for Lobby Day by visiting:
...and bring a friend or two!!

We look forward to seeing you on the Hill in April!


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