Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spring Rolls, Stir Fry, and Supporting the EDC!

EDC Junior Board member Sarah Yeung and her mother, Annette, organized an EDC fund raiser in Cincinnati, Ohio in August 2009. They held a Chinese dinner and silent auction at Sarah’s downtown apartment. Twenty-five guests attended to support the cause while enjoying some authentic Chinese cuisine. Annette, the master chef of the night, served up 9 dishes, including spring roll, wonton soup, fried rice, chicken lo mein, and various stir fry dishes!

The silent auction offered many items that were good for both body and soul. With generous support from local individuals and businesses such as Pendleton Pilates, Shine Yoga, YogahOMe, Body Truth Center for Wellness, Women Writing for (a) Change, Chocolats Latour, Brenda Ghantous Massage, and Salon DeSale, auction items included yoga and Pilate classes, nutritional counseling, writing lessons, handmade gourmet chocolate, and gift certificates for haircuts, manicure-pedicure, and massage.

The event was a great success, raising over $2000! “I am passionate about the fight against Eating Disorder and am excited that my first fund raiser was successful in enhancing awareness and helping EDC further its mission to advance the federal recognition of eating disorders as a public health priority.” Sarah commented. “With this year’s success, I hope to organize a bigger-scale event next year to raise more money!”

Sarah Yeung is a EDC Junior Board Member. Sarah has spoken at various Eating Disorder awareness and recovery forums. Her art works have been exhibited at museum shows with eating disorder, self perception, and women interest themes. She currently works in Human Resources for a large health-care products and pharmaceutical company in Cincinnati.

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Kathleen MacDonald said...

this is wonderful! Sorry I missed it --I love Spring Rolls! Thank you for your dedication, Sarah. peace, Kathleen