Friday, September 25, 2009

A Lobby Day report

Gail Kennedy sends this Lobby Day report:
What an amazing Lobby Day yesterday was!

I have lobbied with the EDC for the past five events and they just keep getting better and better! I live here in DC and am a floating Team Lead, assigned to whichever teams need me. This year I was assigned to the great state of Virginia. We had a very large team, as VA typically does, and we met with 5 member offices: 2 Senate and 3 House. We had a combination of long-time supporters and also new target offices. We focused on FREED co-sponsorship and ensuring that eating disorders get included and clearly defined in any health care reform legislation. It was a very productive and exciting day, ending with a very emotional, motivational, and hopeful briefing on "Health Care, Insurance Coverage and Eating Disorders: Why We Need Reform and the FREED Act Now". It is always an incredible experience to lobby and realize how much our voices can make a difference.

Please invite your family and friends to join the FAC (visit our website) so they can also receive updates and get involved in our advocacy initiatives. Let's not lose the energy and momentum we started yesterday n the Hill! Hope to see you all next Spring
at our next Lobby Day.

Gail Kennedy
FAC (Family and Friends Action Council) Co-Chair

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Mark Warren said...

Thank you, Laura! This is so important.