Sunday, October 25, 2015

EDC National Virtual Lobby Day

When? October 28, 2015 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., EST
Where? All over the world!
Who? YOU and advocates from around the world!
What? Eating disorder advocates and activists from around the world will join forces when they place calls to their Members of Congress on October 28, 2015, asking them to sign onto the #AnnaWestinAct of 2015. (bill numbers: House – HR 2515; Senate – S1865)
How? Calling Your Members of Congress To Request Their Support On the #AnnaWestinAct of 2015 takes just THREE SIMPLE STEPS:

1.       Look Up Your Members of Congress Online:
a.      For your Representative, please visit: and enter your zip-code in the search box located in the top right-hand corner of the webpage
b.      For your Senators, please visit: and use the drop down box in the top right-hand corner of the webpage to locate your State
2.      Locate The Washington, D.C. Office Phone Numbers:
a.      On your Representative’s and Senators’ webpages you will find their office location information, including their Washington, D.C. office phone number (this information is often at the bottom of the webpage, or you will see a button that says, “my offices” or “contact me” that you can click on to find their office locations)
3.      Place your calls!
a.      When you call your Members’ office, the phone will be answered by a staff member (“staffer”): Tell the staffer are a constituent and you would like to speak to the person in their office who handles eating disorder-related issues; you will most likely be transferred to someone’s voicemail.

WHAT TO SAY IN YOUR MESSAGE: For EDC Virtual National Lobby Day to be a success it is key that we present a united message in our calls.  Please make sure to include the underlined & bolded parts of the script below, adding in your personal details (the unbolded parts below) such as name and why this issue is important to you, etc.  CALL details:
Hello, my name is Jane and I am calling because today is the Eating Disorders Coalition’s Fall Lobby Day in DC and I was unable to attend in person.  However eating disorders are very important to me because my daughter suffers with binge eating disorder and it has been devastating to our family, finances and her health. Your boss can make a difference in my family’s life and in the lives of millions of others by signing onto the Anna Westin Act of 2015.  The Anna Westin Act, among other things, will ensure training of health professionals on eating disorders and provide for early intervention and prevention of eating disorders.  Eating disorders are the deadliest of all mental illnesses, with up to a 20% mortality rate. The Anna Westin Act can help prevent more from dying from a disease that IS treatable.  While this might seem like a simple request, it is vitally important to my family and to all those affected by these insidious disorders.  I would very much appreciate a response from you.  You can reach me at: xxx-xxx-xxxx or via email at: Thank you.

Please post on our FB page to let us know how your calls go:

If you have any questions about EDC Virtual National Lobby Day, please contact:

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