Thursday, October 16, 2014

Adolescents and OTC Weight-Loss Supplements

Eating Disorders Coalition Board Member, Bryn Austin, Sc.D., helped author two very important articles on adolescents and the use of over-the-counter dietary supplements for "weight control" (aka: weight loss).  "Over-the-Counter and Out-of-Control: Legal Strategies to Protect Youths From Abusing Products for Weight Control" was published in the American Journal of Public Health.  "The Dangerous Mix of Adolescents and Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss and Muscle Building: Legal Strategies for State Action" was published in the Journal of Public Health Management Practice.

Both articles raise important considerations necessary to address this dangerous mix.  The full articles can be read here: Adolescents and OTC Weight-Control Supplements

Two news articles came out about Dr. Austin's, and her colleagues', supplements study.  The news articles do a great job summarizing the key points for what state governments can do about the problem of dietary supplements marketed for weight control and muscle building:

Thank you, Dr. Austin, for allowing us to share these articles with our advocates.

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