Thursday, November 28, 2013

5 Reasons the EDC is Thankful this Year

The EDC has so many reasons to be thankful. We’ve achieved so many wonderful things this year. We hope you spend today celebrating your thankfulness for the good things in your life. We’ve decided to share our top five reasons we’re thankful this Thanksgiving, and we hope they’ll encourage you as well.  

1. We held our most widely attended lobby day in April, and another incredibly successful lobby day in September. (click to read more)

2. The FREED Act was introduced in May. (click to read more)

3. Favorable Parity Regulations issued in November. (click here to read more)

4. Our Members! The EDC Coalition Members are the most committed, supportive leaders in the eating disorders community.

5. You!  Thank you for supporting our legislative strategy, joining us on lobby day, sharing your stories and contacting your members of Congress.

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