Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Call to Action! EDC Opposes Michelle Obama's Appearance on Biggest Loser: Add Your Voice.

Weight stigma matters to the EDC. We are so concerned about the intersection of eating disorders and weight stigma that it was the focus of our congressional briefing last month. Viewing media that portrays negative stereotypes of overweight people, contributes to a variety of issues including: negative self-image, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and more.  As Dr. Puhl underscored in her talk at the Congressional briefing, stigmatizing efforts to help those lose weight actually have a boomerang effect and create more health problems for overweight people. 
First Lady Michelle Obama is planning on appearing on NBC’s The Biggest Loser again. The Biggest Loser, unfortunately, is a show that exploits overweight people and reinforces negative stereotyping of overweight people. The show also encourages risky weight loss behaviors that are dangerous and cannot be maintained for an extended time.  Thus those who appear on the show typically gain the weight back, which poses both physical and mental health risks.  The Biggest Loser perpetuates weight stigma rather than promotes health. The EDC is working with BEDA, BingeBehavior.com and others to oppose her appearance on the show.
We support Michelle Obama’s nutrition work, but we’ve been concerned about her anti-obesity push for years. In fact the EDC has worked with Congress and other like-minded organizations to ask Michelle Obama to reframe her approach and focus on health not weight so that her efforts do not cause more harm.
We’d be happy to work with Michelle Obama’s office to come up with constructive ideas that promote nutrition and combat eating disorders. Unfortunately appearing on the Biggest Loser does neither of these things. We encourage you to sign the petition and call the First Lady’s office urging her to not appear on the Biggest Loser
How to do it:
2.  Calling her office at 202-456-1414 and tell her to not appear on The Biggest Loser. Tell her why you care about this issue.  Encourage Michelle Obama to work with the EDC, BEDA and BingeBehavior.com  and other like-minded organizations to have a serious conversation about promoting healthy eating habits in way that also combats eating disorders.

A special thanks to BEDA and BingeBehavior for spearheading this effort!

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