Saturday, May 18, 2013

EDC Applauds Christine Quinn’s Bravery

The Eating Disorders Coalition (EDC) applauds New York Mayoral Candidate Christine Quinn for her bravery in discussing her struggle with bulimia. (For those of you haven’t read her story click here to see the NY Times article)  It was a courageous thing Ms. Quinn did by sharing her story.

The EDC is very familiar with the shame and secrecy that often surrounds eating disorders.  So often those suffering with eating disorders, particularly public figures are ashamed of their personal connection to an eating disorder. By Ms. Quinn openly sharing her story, she has challenged the stigma around eating disorders; she has assured millions currently suffering with an eating disorder, and millions more in recovery that they are not alone. If you are currently suffering or have a family member who is, please know this: you are not alone.

Thank you to Ms. Quinn for sharing your story. We are grateful that she had access to and received the necessary care to recover from her eating disorder. We hope that many others may be inspired to receive the care they need by reading her story. One of the many reasons we continue to work hard to ensure that everyone who needs care has access to it; by advocating for the FREED Act and for the Congressional letters regarding parity for eating disorders.

 May Ms. Quinn’s courage also embolden others to share their personal journey through an eating disorder into recovery. It is time that we bring eating disorders out of the shadows.

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