Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear EDC Advocate

I come to my computer with a broken heart. This morning I was sitting in a coffee shop working on efforts promoting the inclusion of eating disorders treatment in health insurance policies – when I joined a conversation with two mothers who were also pastors. Together we cried with the piercing loss of so many beautiful and precious children and adults. These children are our children. Their loss is our loss. We grieve with the parents and families. We weep with the community of Newtown. Today we weep. That is an appropriate and necessary response.

Tomorrow we act! Tomorrow we continue to organize, rally, and advocate. We will change laws, promote policies and work to make sure people with mental illness are respected and given the care, support and treatment they need and deserve.

We owe our action to the innocent children and adults of Newtown. Taking care of one another is not a sign of weakness or indulgence it is a sign of compassion and social responsibility. The people of Newtown deserve our action to find and implement solutions to the social and health dilemmas of our time. The EDC is committed to being part of this solution! We will be on a conference call this week with the broader mental and behavioral health community in Washington DC to find solutions to respond to this tragedy.

Jeanine Cogan, Ph.D
Policy Director
Eating Disorders Coalition

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