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Great Letter from Advocate

Hi everyone --below is a letter from EDC advocate Rebekkah, to her Representative (Member of Congress in the House). Please take a look at her letter to see an example of how to personalize the Eating Disorders Coalition's "sample letter". We're looking forward to receiving many more cc'd letters in our inbox. We need millions more to write in if we want to pass the FREED Act. 
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for information on how you can write a letter, too! ~ Thank you, the EDC


Dear Congressman Heck,

As a constituent of your district who has personally suffered from the living hell of an eating disorder, I am writing today to ask you to cosponsor the Federal Response to Eliminate Eating Disorders Act, (the FREED Act, H.R. 1448). The FREED Act is the first comprehensive bill in the history of Congress to address eating disorders. The FREED Act focuses on research, treatment, education and prevention of eating disorders and
serves as a beacon of hope for the millions of people in our country  currently suffering from binge eating disorder, anorexia, bulimia, and eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS).

Estimates suggest that more than 11 million Americans suffer from eating disorders.  I am one of them.  I am one of those girls who lost herself, and almost her life.  More than once, I ended up in the hospital from
electrolyte imbalances and blood work that told the ER doctors that my  heart shouldn’t be beating.  More than once, I prayed and hoped that my heart would, in fact, stop beating.  And without recovery, without the
extensive treatment I had, those prayers would have been answered. 

I can write to you today because of the treatment I received.  In a month and a half I will be graduating law school, because of the treatment I  received.  Everyday I enjoy friendships and gratitude, because of the
treatment I received.  I am alive today because of the treatment I received.

Eating disorders affect every single system of the body and are associated  with serious medical complications including cardiac arrhythmia, cognitive  impairment, osteoporosis, infertility, heart failure and death. In fact,
left untreated anorexia nervosa has the highest death rate of all mental disorders, upwards of 20%. However, when a person suffering from anorexia  receives proper treatment, the death rate falls to between 2-3%.

Research demonstrates that eating disorders CAN be successfully overcome when early detection and adequate and appropriate treatment take place.  And I write to you as verification of that fact!
Unfortunately, at this point in time, eating disorders are all too often  undiagnosed or completely misdiagnosed by health professionals, and access to treatment is limited. Less than 1/2 of all people with eating disorders
receive the treatment they both need and deserve. The FREED Act will save lives by providing for better access to proper  treatment, research dollars to understand the etiology and effective  treatment of eating disorders, grant programs to ensure more medical health  professionals and school personnel be trained on eating disorders prevention and treatment, as well as PSA's to broaden awareness of eating disorders.

Currently the FREED Act has bipartisan support. I ask that you sign on today as a cosponsor of the FREED Act (HR 1448), as a cosponsor of hope, as this bill has the ability to save thousands of lives.  I have vowed to never be an eating disorder death statistic: please help ensure that same  promise, for the thousands of others who are suffering!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Graciously yours,   Rebekkah Beth Bodoff

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