Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Over 200 Respond to HHS Action Alert! Thank You for Your Help

Dear EDC Advocates,

Before I began serving as the EDC's Policy Assistant I was an EDC Advocate who came to EDC National Lobby Days and participated in Action Alerts.

When I first became an EDC Advocate back in 2002, I admit, I did not firmly believe that my voice could make that much of a difference. I mean, every day I listened to NPR and watched CSPAN and heard endless stories of gridlock and spending cuts plaguing our Federal Government, so in the scheme of things I didn't think that one Kathleen MacDonald could make an impact. Today, I know better. I know that my voice matters. And I want you to know that your voice matters.

Last week the EDC invited you to raise your voice in a time-sensitive and highly important Action Alert. Over 200 of you wrote in to HHS, sharing your voice, your stories, your research, your knowledge, your loved one's memories and your specific requests regarding eating disorders and the soon to be determined Essential Health Benefits. You made an impact and you spoke for the countless millions who suffer, for the countless millions who try to access treatment only to be denied by their insurance company, for the countless whose lives have been cut far too short by these insidious diseases, and for future generations who can be prevented from suffering the most deadly of all mental illnesses.

On a personal note - with each one of your emails to HHS you increased the flame of hope within me. You increased my hope that together we will change the way those affected by eating disorders are treated --including families, sufferers, researchers, and clinicians.

Thank you for each of your comments to HHS and for your continued advocacy. We look forward to continuing our other advocacy efforts with you as we work to ensure that eating disorders research, treatment and education and prevention are adequately and duly addressed, and that people suffering from eating disorders receive the treatment, services and compassion they deserve.

Yours from the Hill, Kathleen

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this makes me so happy. :)