Tuesday, June 9, 2009

EDC Board Director Sam Menaged Hosts Conference on ED's in the Jewish Community

Distinguished EDC Board Director (and past President of the EDC) Sam Menaged was opening speaker at a conference entitled "Food, Body Image, and Eating Disorders in the Jewish Community" on Sunday, June 7 at the Ramaz Middle School in New York, NY. Sam is founder, President and CEO of The Renfrew Center.

The conference had over 300 in attendance and included workshops exploring the role of hunger, shame and body hatred in the development of eating disorders. Again, eating disorders do not discriminate. There has been a rise in eating disorders and related issues within the Jewish community.

Again, passage of the FREED Act will allow for the required research, education/prevention, and treatment of eating disorders. We are slowly adding more co-sponsors to this Bill. Thanks to all who have contacted your representatives to push them to sign on. Keep on pushing!

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